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Moving Interstate

Moving Interstate is a top level removals business when transporting items from and to anywhere in Australia. We have removalist vans departing numerous locations across Australia 7 days a week. Our customers have their belongings moved with the utmost care and absolutely every possible precautions are used to ensure that there our customers items receive no damage whilst in transit to their new home.


Moving with Moving Interstate won’t break the bank!


We always strive to deliver our customers with an affordable and fair price, without compromising on the quality of the service we deliver. Far too often our competition charge completely ridiculous prices and don’t have anywhere near a high enough standard of service to back it up. Not only will we provide you a price that will save you a fortune, you’ll still get the premium service your personal belongings deserve.


We’re here to answer you questions, fire away.


Almost every customer has a dozen questions to ask, it comes with moving and we are waiting for it. We’re waiting for you to give us a call, or shoot us an email with all the questions you have, because we know they will be coming. The thing is that almost every one of our clients asks at least a few of the same questions, so we have created an FAQ to list all our highly asked questions, so hopefully some of our clients can easily discover the answers without taking the time to write it all out in an email to us or calling us. commonly asked questions page


Need storage for a few weeks? We can help!


Pretty often when moving, a customer of ours might require their items to be stored for some time. This is sometimes the case if their new home needs some renovations, or the new home has not settled. This is something we can help with, so give us a call.


Moving Interstate uses only the best equipment.


We have readily available all removal equipment to handle all your needs. All provided to you at an amazingly fair rate so you know you will get a good deal. We make sure that everything we do is at an reasonable cost to our customers so the cost of moving is not something that they need to stress about, we all know that relocating can be a stressful time even when using a qualified removal company, so we do all that we are able to ensure that every part of the move goes as smooth as possible where we are involved.



Moving is stressful, leave it to the experts at Moving Interstate


Relocating your family and items to a new home is a massive task. There are so many aspects to arrange and too many areas you need to keep your focus on. The actual relocation of your items is a big task, but one that you should be handing over to a qualified and specialist removal company, such as us. Heavy furniture is difficult to shift and if you are not careful you could easily cause damage your new or old home, or possibly yourself trying to shift heavy furniture without the correct equipment or training that only comes with being a removalist for so long.


Moving Interstate is a genuine company who take care of their customers.


Here at Moving Interstate we take a lot of pride in ourselves with how honest and genuine we are with our clients. W always ensure that in every area that we can impact on your removal, that we make it a positive one. We strive to provide our clients a service they would be happy to recommend to their friends or family. Word of mouth is very valuable to our company, so we make sure that if you have anything to say about us, that it is going to be something positive.


Get the best quote from the start. Don’t waste your valuable time.


With the way the world works nowadays, everybody gets a dozen quotes before booking in a removalist, we get the reason, we even believe its beneficial. Although we are also aware that submitting a dozen quote forms online is a massive pain. So we have been talking to as many of our clients as we are able to during our time as furniture removalists to try to understand what makes a quote form simple and easy to use. We truly believe we have built a quotation form that is as easy as it can be for our clients to fill out, whilst still providing us all the information required for us to accurately price your move. If you’ve not yet got your removal price, perhaps you should check it out. click here for your removal quote.


Let Moving Interstate handle the packing for you.


Begun packing up your boxes for your move from where you are to your new home? Well if you have not yet started and you’re wanting to be relocating in the near future, then you really need to begin with packing your belongings. Packing up all your personal belongings is something that almost everyone seems to think will be a easy and fast job. This is almost always not the truth. Packing your belongings is one part of moving that just sucks too much time away from more important issues. This is why we have our pre-packing services available to all our clients. Leave it up to us to sort out packing the cartons for you, we are much faster, and know how to pack all your belongings to greatly help reduce damage to your personal belongings. We use only the best wrapping blankets and top quality moving cartons for our pre packing services, so you do not need to worry about how well your personal items will be packed for transit.


Moving Interstate handles all sorts of unique moves.


When it comes to moving furniture, there are a large variety of the services that people require, and generally we have the ability to assist with any moving occasion, such as:

  • Interstate Service-Door to Door, Door to Store, Store to Door
  • Insured
  • Great Interstate Removals Rates – Corporate or Personal
  • Fully Equipped Furniture Removal Trucks – Tools & Blankets
  • Guaranteed Best Price

    Don’t book with a removalist who will make you wait. Moving Interstate is always available.

    One major benefit of booking your move with us, is that we’re constantly able and ready to pick up your items. Our fleet of removal vans is so well managed that we have a van available for collection anywhere in Australia, as long as we are provided a couple of days notice. This makes last minute moves, or situations where other removalists have cancelled their pickup simple for us to accommodate. We are able to get your furniture from your current home within just a couple of days, and then they would be heading on their way to your new place. Some removalists make you wait weeks or days to be able to get your goods picked up, with us we can get your items collected straight away.

    Here are some areas that we can provide our two day collection window to:


    • Brisbane
    • Gold Coast
    • Newcaste
    • Sydney
    • Melbourne
    • Canberra
    • Perth
    • Cairns
    • Townsville


    Thought about your moving insurance? You should!


    Another part of relocating that you need to think about is your insurance. Moving, even when done by the most well trained and skillful removal team can still experience issues. which is why we strongly urge that all of out customers to take out removal insurance. We make sure to do everything we can with every customer we move to ensure that the removal insurance does not need to be used, although if for no other purpose, it provides our clients with peace of mind. It is usually a useful tool to assist in destressing you about your move. It is obvious that we will do all we can to avoid ever needing the policy, in our opinion it is always better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Insurance when moving home


    Moving Interstate is the way to go!


    When you look at all we do for our clients, all the ways endeavour to make relocating from any to anywhere in Australia easier for you, what reason would you have to book your move anywhere else. Moving Interstate is the company you need to book your move in with. We’re experts at shifting your furniture around Australia, we have been moving people around Australia for more years than we would like to admit, but the point is we are genuinely one of the best teams available for your move without costing you a fortune to get it done. Hopefully you are now set on organising your move with us, you will need to begin the process by getting a quote, which you can do here. click here for your removal quote. Otherwise we’re looking forward to speaking to you and organising your removal from your old home to your new one!